Allan F.

The Job Seeking Accountant, Allan.

Allan French is no stranger to Project HIRED. Having utilized Project HIRED’s services since 1999, Allan was first introduced to the organization by a representative in human resources that assisted jobseekers in connecting with employers. Prior to enrolling in Project HIRED’s client services program, Allan was an accountant for a coffee shop that supplied Safeway, restaurants, and cafes before Starbucks took the world by storm. Allan then worked for a start-up technology company.

With Project HIRED’s assistance, Allan was able to find work in accounting from multiple organizations. To begin, Allan started off as being responsible for accounts payable and payroll at a nonprofit organization. He then took on a project as a consultant for Project HIRED that required his expertise in Microsoft Excel. After the completion of this project, he found temporary work at Olsen Cherries and assisted with tracking and customer’s orders.

In addition to the numerous workshops provided by Project HIRED, guest presenters are also hosted during the Speaker Series. During one of these events, Allan was then asked to make a presentation on how to prepare taxes called Twenty Tax Tips for 2012.

“I’m not a person who does a lot of presentations,” said Allan. “But I knew the people and thought that it was a safe place to share my knowledge about taxes. It wasn’t the world’s greatest presentation, but I’m sure people got something out of it.”

Aside from his tax presentation, Allan has gained useful information from previous guest speakers at Project HIRED, covering topics ranging from how to prepare resumes to knowing how to disclose disabilities during job interviews. “I’m confident with writing good material,” said Allan,” but I was having a hard time dealing with how to reformulate my resume and broadcast my skills.”

As Project HIRED continues to offer the necessary tools to find meaningful work, clients like Allan would be able to expand their knowledge in job seeking and tailor their resumes to be more eye-catching and captivating to future employers.