Jerry N.

Meet Jerry.

When you step through Project HIRED’s front doors, you can count on being welcomed by Jerry. Jerry has been part of Project HIRED’s team since September 2014 and enjoys his position as an Administrative Assistant. Prior to working at Project HIRED, Jerry was an auto travel counselor for the California State Automobile Association; helping families plan their vacations. He also served as a music director for several churches in the San Jose area. In 2009, AAA issued a company layoff, and Jerry was one of the many employees who lost their jobs. After becoming disabled in January 2010, Jerry found himself out of work with few prospects. It wasn’t until late 2010 when Jerry started his journey to finding work once more. 

Jerry first came across Project HIRED at a job fair in Milpitas, CA and signed up for services in the summer of 2011. 

Due to unforeseen family issues, however, Jerry was forced to postpone his enrollment to tend to his family.

In November of 2013, Jerry returned to Project HIRED and participated in their Client Work Experience Program (CWEP), an expansion of their volunteer program that allows clients to join the volunteer team and fill the employment gap on their resumes.

Through the CWEP, Jerry gained valuable work experience and the self-confidence he needed to succeed. After completing the program, Jerry was offered a part-time position at Project HIRED’s headquarters as an administrative assistant through a program with the Peninsula Family Services. “Because of my disability and the last time I worked, I doubted what I could do,” said Jerry. “I like how they reach out and don’t discriminate at all.” In addition to his administrative duties, Jerry also assists with job matching for clients. “I know I can work in an office and contribute and make an impact,” said Jerry. “Project HIRED helped reinforce my skills and confidence.” After going through the process and seeing where he is now, Jerry reflects on his journey to employment. “Project HIRED is a positive organization that I would love to stay with,” said Jerry. As he continues to work with Project HIRED, Jerry is convinced every single day that no matter the disability, anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it.