Shawn R.

Meet Shawn.

If you had met Shawn Redigan a year ago, you may not have gotten to know him completely. While he’s been networking and interviewing on his own for the last year, he didn’t start opening up about his disabilities until he began working with Project HIRED. By joining Project HIRED’s Client Services program and completing mock interviews with the staff, Shawn learned how to focus on his abilities, rather than his disabilities. But that wasn’t the only thing he gained from the program—what made Project HIRED such an important place for Shawn was their specific focus on adults with disabilities who are seeking employment. Their specialized classes helped him learn more about the ADA laws that would ultimately affect him in the workplace. “[That] part was the most helpful for me,” he commented while discussing how he previously did not have knowledge about those laws and regulations.

Shawn was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about 15 years ago and then with Dystonia 5 years later. While he tried to hide his condition from employers at first, he has come to terms with his differences and is open about his disabilities. This was largely inspired by the services at Project HIRED as the people there taught him how to interview confidently without the fear of judgment from interviewers.

While he has been interviewing at different companies for the past year, Shawn is confident that he will soon have a position as he’s going into a second round of interviews at Applied Materials. He has 15 years of prior experience there as a Regional Field Service Manager, Program Manager, Senior Programs and IT Operations Manager, and Senior Operations Manager, which makes him more enthusiastic about returning. Applied Materials was his favorite company to work for and he hopes to stay with them for another 10-15 years.

In addition to his career search, Shawn likes to stay active in his personal time, playing basketball with his two sons, swimming, and working on construction tasks around the house. Regardless of the challenges he’s been thrown, Shawn refuses to become a victim and works to lead a life just as normal as others. He’s fortunate to have the support from his family at home as well as the encouraging environment he’s been surrounded with at Project HIRED.