Welcome to Project HIRED!

Through Project HIRED we provide a wide variety of programs and services designed to assist individuals with disabilities conduct a productive job search, including retention support after becoming employed.

Please see our client services brochure (to the right) for more information on individualized career services.

Please note: You must be a registered and active Project HIRED client in order participate in our job search services and programs.

How to Apply

Orientation Packet

To apply for services, applicants need to download and complete a Project HIRED orientation packet. Applicants can also pick up a packet from the front desk location during business hours.

Attending Orientation

Orientation is the first step to enroll in Project HIRED's services. 

Orientation is held weekly, on Tuesdays at 1:30pm.
You only need to attend once!

Advance registration is recommended, not required.

Register Now! 

To protect privacy and confidentiality, only prospective clients (applicants) are permitted to attend the orientation sessions. Relatives, friends, spouses or other visitors are not permitted to accompany an applicant to the sessions unless specific arrangements have been made with our staff. You must contact us ahead of time if you plan to bring a caregiver with you.

Please note: Orientation sessions start PROMPTLY at 1:30pm. If you arrive late, you may be asked to return at another time.

Assessment and Approval

After orientation your completed file will be processed and submitted for approval by Project HIRED staff. This may take up to two weeks, after which you will receive a decision letter in the mail with further instructions.

Current Department of Rehabilitation Consumers

Please note that due to our status as a vendor with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), current consumers must obtain a referral from their DOR Counselor before becoming a Project HIRED client.